SERVICE AREA: Burlington, Ontario and Surrounding Area. 

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Transform Your Home & Yard
with Whole House Water Filter Solutions

Burlington Water-Tech has a wide range of whole house water filter solutions to meet your needs.

Quotes and sizing in many cases will be done on the spot soon after our licensed water technician gathers all the required information about your present water situation. Next, we need to know what your needs are in regards to the quality and volume of water you wish to have in your home, such as drinking water, bathing water, lawn watering etc. Some of our more common whole house automatic backwashing water filters included are the carbon filter, sand filter, bag filter and many cartridge type filters for various tasks.

  • Sulphur Filter

    Our Professional Series sulfur filters are two tank filters that remove sulfur from your water using air for oxidation.  The water enters the filter through the control valve and into the first tank mixing with air causing a separation of water, sulfur, iron, manganese and other metals that may be present in the water.  The water then goes into the next tank along with the oxidized particles and they get trapped or filtered using a special blended filter media, then the water goes out of the filter and into the main water pipe to the house.  These systems are totally chemical free and maintenance free. During regeneration this unit flushes the particles down the drain and recharges the air tank using Professional Series technology.

  • Carbon Filters

    Our Professional Series carbon filters are used to remove chlorine, taste, odors, chlorine and more from your water.  The water passes through a charcoal filter cartridge inside a canister and out of the faucet.  Some larger carbon filters also have an automatic valve for flushing the system for larger volumes of water, requiring less maintenance.

  • Sand Filters

    Our Professional Series sand filters work a lot like the carbon filter. Instead of cartridges we use fabric bags that hang inside of a filter housing to trap the sand and these bags must be manually emptied out on a regular basis, the frequency depends on the amount of sand being trapped.  We also have a Professional Series Automatic back washing sand filter for automatic flushing of the sand using a control valve to backwash periodically and here we use a media bed inside of a large cylinder to filter the sand and particles.

  • Whole House Water Filters

    For removing taste, odours, iron, sulfer, etc...from your whole house water supply! "Let us help you design a Professional Series water treatment solution that meets all your needs. Your part would be to provide us with the quality of water you would like to have. Our part will be to deliver the most environmentally friendly, economical, maintenance free treatment system available to meet those needs.

  • pH Booster System

    Do you need to raise the pH of your water to protect your plumbing throughout the house?

    Our Professional Series pH booster system is a cylinder with media inside that the water passes through to raise the pH or alkalinity of the water more commonly used immediately following a large or whole house reverse osmosis water treatment system.