SERVICE AREA: Burlington, Ontario and Surrounding Area. 

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Improve Your Water ~ Improve Your Impact on Your Customers


Burlington Water Tech offers a complete line of Commercial Water Treatment Products: Reverse Osmosis Units, Filters, Chemical Feed Systems, Nitrate Reduction, Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems.  


  • Our Professional Series Commercial line of carbon filters can solve your taste and odour problems and is in many cases installed along with other treatment products to help create the complete solution. 

  • NSF Certified Ultra Violet Sterilizers Installed to Ministry Of Environment regulation code
    Burlington Water-Tech uses Professional Series High Efficiency Products for ultra violet applications that require specifications and Ministry Of Environment codes and standards to be met such as NSF Certified and regulation 705.

  • Stenner chemical feed pumps are the best product for injecting chemicals into the water stream sometimes for oxidizing during the treatment process and sometimes to retain a constant residual of a specified value to remain in the product water. Service and Repairs

  • Burlington Water-Tech offers Professional products for solving the most difficult water problems such as for protecting boilers, plumbing fixtures, water heating systems and anywhere soft water is needed. These products are designed to deliver many years of service with optimal efficiencies.

  • Burlington Water-Tech offers Professional Grade Reverse Osmosis systems from 530 to 38,880 gallons per day. The Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is available for every application and is used in such places as car washes, hotels, condominiums, schools, recreation centres and restaurants to name just a few.  Skid mounted Reverse Osmosis Systems are also available for large commercial applications.