Well Water System Design


Well Water System Design:

Well water system design is very unique for each individual situation and can be very confusing. This is where Burlington Water Tech can help you to design a system that will meet your requirements and give you one or more options. With our many years of working with people to solve their most difficult water related problems, we have a desire to use this knowledge to assist you in finding the solution that best meets your needs from a cost perspective and also from a practical working perspective as well. If water shortage is an issue for you then you may consider installing a cistern (water storage tank) to hold a large amount of water that you can draw from when needed. We have many of these types of cisterns available. Some install in the ground outside while other ones are installed in the basement or garage for more the budget conscious or for situations that do not require large amounts of water to be used at one time. A cistern installed correctly and sized properly can be used to supply a large household being fed by a slow producing well of only one gallon per minute. The cost of installing a cistern in this situation may be a far much better option than enduring the cost of drilling a new well with still no guarantee of any water being found. Also, if the well does run dry for a month or two during the dry season the you can phone a water truck service to fill your cistern till the water returns in the well. We however do NOT recommend running your eave troughs to supply your cistern with water unless your prepared to spend some extra money to treat the water. This water usually is very contaminated with animal droppings and the nitrates, nitrites, and bacteria can be very high in some cases.

For some water system designs we can have many variations of water supply.

Here are some examples.

  • Drilled well
  • Dug or Bored well
  • more than one well
  • well and cistern
  • cistern only
  • more than one cistern
  • draw water from pond or lake
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