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Water Pumping Solutions

We have a solution for all your water pumping needs. We have many types, styles and sizes of pumps and systems available such as constant pressure, submersible, jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, and high output industrial type pumps, and many more. Here are a few examples of applications for some of our pumps:

  • Home
  • cottage
  • irrigation
  • golf course
  • agriculture
  • farms
  • industry
  • commercial
  • carwash
  • restaurants

Just give us your needs and requirements and let us find a solution to meet your needs and expectations.

Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks are used to help the water pump provide a more even or constant type of pressure in your house. A larger tank means that your pump can take longer breaks between pumping cycles and thus make your pump last longer and save you money on your hydro bill.  Pressure tanks are available in many sizes and shapes. We also have fibre wound pressure tanks available that will never rust or rot.  Increasing the size of your pressure tank would be a wise investment on a standard water pumping system.  In some constant water pressure systems to pressure tank is very small; only 1 or 2 gallons; and this is because these type of pumps run at different speeds and automatically run faster or slower depending on the water demand. These systems are very efficient on hydro and provide better performance.  They cost slightly more money but the hydro savings will take care of that for you.

Retention Tanks

Retention tanks are designed for water storage and oxidation of impurities, the higher the flow rate the larger the tank must be to obtain the correct amount of retention time to completely oxidize everything we are removing from the water. Sometimes retention tanks are used for applications where the water supply is sometimes not providing enough water at one time and then acts as a buffer tank. These tanks are also available in either steel or fibre wound and come in many different sizes.

Stenner Chemical Feed Pump Systems

Stenner chemical feed pumps are used to inject chemicals into the water system at very precise intervals to obtain a designated concentration at all times. These pumps are very small and are mounted on top of solution/chemical tank or are mounted on the wall to save space.  These pumps are often used to oxidize impurities in the water and also to create a residual in the main water pipe.

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One Stop Shopping

Water Well Needs

Pumping, Piping, Upgrades, Installations.

Water Purification and Filtration

Softening; Iron Sulphur, Taste Removal, Particulate Removal, etc.


Treat E-Coli, Coliform, Living Bacteria for Residential Purposes and NSF Certified Water Treatment Packages for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Applications

Environmentally Friendly

Burlington Water-Tech is an environmentally friendly company as we strive to recycle as much as possible of disposable materials.  Burlington Water-Tech also uses environmentally friendly products which use little to no chemicals to help preserve our environment.

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