SERVICE AREA: Burlington, Ontario and Surrounding Area. 

Customer Reviews

Our Customers Expect Excellence!

With over 30 years of experience in the water business, Burlington Water Tech prides itself on excellence, offering the best quality products and service for a reasonable cost in Burlington, Ontario.


Reviews from Our Customers

  • We love our water softener! We have found so many differences after having Burlington Water Tech install our softener and water filtration systems. We have noted an improvement in our son's skin, fewer out breaks of eczema and not as severe as they used to be, we have all noticed our how soft our skin and hair is after showering. Our skin this winter was not as dry as it has been in past years. We do not use as much shampoo, dish and laundry detergent which means a big savings for us. The water filtration they installed provides with great tasting clear water. They have stood behind their product and have continue to provide yearly service on our system. We would highly recommend all families to have these systems put into their homes to help save money, use less detergents, improve the health of their skin and hair. ~ The Kidd Family 

  • Tim, Thanks for your quick reply. I will put it into our file and discuss with my husband. As you know, we are looking at obtaining other quotes within the week and I will then get back to you soon there after. Thanks for your kind, courteous manner and candor. ~ Kim Watkins

  • Thank you so much for the great service I have received just thus far. ~ Shelley

  • Attention: Burlington Water Tech This correspondence is to thank Burlington Water Tech (BWT) for the professional and efficient service that was provided to us regarding the installation of our our reverse osmosis water system. BWT far surpasses the water services we have dealt with in the past. It truly is a pleasure and convenient to have clean, safe water for drinking and cooking and time saving not to have to deal with constantly replacing water containers. We look forward to dealing with BWT in the near future to have a water softener installed and will most certainly advise our other family members and friends to deal with your company. ~ Rachelle and Peter Cryne

  • Dependable ... impressed with the expediency of the installation and how clean the area was left when the job was complete ... ~ BW- Stoney Creek

  • After receiving a complete abdication of service from the big box stores (jack of all trades - masters of none!), I decided to hit up the yellow pages. I went with Burlington Water Tech because they are local. All of my questions were promptly answered over the phone and they were able to book me in for an appointment within 24hrs! I had them instal a complete filtration system + reverse osmosis + water softener and have never looked back! Later I did buy a little water tester at home depot and my drinking water out-performs ALL bottled water except Dasani, which is about the same. I highly recommend these guys to anyone! ~ GOLF1970 on CanPages