Iron Water Softener


Pro Series Iron Water Softener

Rusty, brown staining in sinks, toilets and fixtures? We have the solution!

Our new Professional Series Iron Softener is designed based on the technology of our water softener, the only difference is the media, for example the water softener uses an ion exchange resin and needs to be replenished with salt to do its job and the iron softener works in the exact same way using salt except we also use a multi blend iron removal media designed to remove iron from the water and the iron gets back washed during the regeneration cycle flushing the iron down the drain. A res-care feeder may also part of the iron softener and is needed to keep the softening resin free of iron build-up because the softening resin will remove iron but will not release it without some help of the res-care liquid solution.



tn-pro-series-water-softenerPro Series

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