SERVICE AREA: Burlington, Ontario and Surrounding Area. 

Repairs & Maintenance

Your Repairs Need to Be Taken Seriously! 

We repair all makes and models of Water Softeners, Ultra Violet Sterilizers, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems
as well as Pumping Systems including Pressure Tank Controls and Cisterns.


Well Pump Service for Out of Water Situations


Our service technician is fully insured and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment with a fully equipped truck with complete pumping systems with pumps, tanks, pipe, wire and controls ready to install upon arrival if needed. We also have a large inventory of repair parts on the truck to solve most problems on the spot.

Water Softeners and Filtration

Our water treatment technician can detect and solve water softener and filter break  downs quickly and efficiently with his more than 20 years of experience. New  equipment will only be recommended when needed. Repairs will always be an  option given when possible and makes sense depending on the extent of damage  or the age of the equipment or both. You will be given the options and the final  choice will be yours.


You're Not Alone in Your Repairs & Services
We have been building and upgrading water treatment systems for many years and  do a lot of custom work tailored to individual needs. 
Burlington Water-Tech uses only the best quality pipe, fittings and clamps etc.. to ensure a problem free installation and/or repair.