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We love water and its impact on our life. Through our blog we hope to educate you on the importance of safe drinking water as well as share with you fun and helpful info that will improve your quality of life.
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What You Can Do To Ensure a Safe Water Supply?

  1. Ensure your Well is properly built and located to prevent the direct entryway for surface water.
  2. Have your water tested regularly. Testing in the Spring and Fall is recommended as a minimum.
  3. Take a sample if your Well has been subjected to flooding.
  4. Always take the sample from a newly constructed or renovated Well.
  5. If your water supply is equipped with a treatment device, ensure proper maintenance and servicing of the unit. (eg. Chlorinators, Filters, UV Systems, Reverse Osmosis, etc.).
  6. Make sure Well Pump and distribution systems are investigated regularly.
  7. Changes in the quality and quantity of water should be looked into immediately.
Types of Water Contaminants
Emergency Treatment of Small Amounts of Drinking W...

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