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Types of Water Contaminants


Bacteria - A Halton Well Water Survey showed that up to 60% of all Wells had unacceptable levels of total coli forms. This strongly suggests that disease causing organisms could be present. A major cause of this contamination is insufficient Well maintenance.

Coli form organisms are a group of bacteria that are frequently found in the environment and are used to measure the safety of your water. Coli form bacteria are not harmful, but the fact that they are present tells you that other disease-causing organisms may be in your water supply. The presence of more than 5 coli form bacteria in a water sample commonly means that surface water has washed contaminants into the Well.

E. Coli bacteria live in the intestines of humans and warm blooded animals. There are many different types of these bacteria. Only a few of them can make you sick. If any amount of E. Coli bacteria is found in a water sample, human sewage or animal feces has contaminated the water supply.

When a water sample shows the presence of bacteria, it is considered unsafe to drink until the problem is corrected. The bacteria could possibly pose a health risk. The water should not be used for drinking until the problem has been found and corrected. An alternate drinking water supply should be used. Boiling water (rolling boil 5 minutes) that has been refrigerated will also make the water safe to drink.

Nitrates - The presence of nitrates in your Well water is likely the result of farming activities such as fertilizing or seepage from septic systems. At levels above 10 milligrams per liter of water, nitrates can hinder an infant's blood's ability to carry oxygen and could cause a condition known as "blue baby syndrome." The medical term is methaemoglobinaemia.

Herbicides & Pesticides - Herbicides & Pesticides from both agricultural and household use may contaminate Wells if used improperly or exceedingly. Always read and use the amount stated on the manufacturer's label.

How to Prevent Contamination in your Well
What You Can Do To Ensure a Safe Water Supply?

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