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We love water and its impact on our life. Through our blog we hope to educate you on the importance of safe drinking water as well as share with you fun and helpful info that will improve your quality of life.

Have you had enough water today?

Have you had enough water today?
Only 1/3 of us drink enough water. We lose about 2.4 litres of fluid per day. Many of us suffer from chronic dehydration. Watch for these signs of dehydration: Tired and groggy during the day Frequent headaches Dry itchy skin Heartburn Lower back pain  Lack of concentration Decreased co ordination So...try to make sure you get enough water per day.  Cheers!  
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Bottled Water

Bottled Water
Although bottled water available in Canada is generally of good quality, it is not necessarily safer or healthier than water from municipal supplies. The sale of bottled water is not licensed in Canada; however, the Health Protection Branch makes spot checks occasionally of both domestic and foreign bottled water. In addition, local Health Units do regular bacterial testing on all bottled water distribution located in their district. Municipal water supplies are checked for 100 or more substances. Only three substances must be checked in bottled water. They are bacteria content, fluoride and total dissolved solids (magnesium, iron, sodium)
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Types of Water Contaminants

Bacteria - A Halton Well Water Survey showed that up to 60% of all Wells had unacceptable levels of total coli forms. This strongly suggests that disease causing organisms could be present. A major cause of this contamination is insufficient Well maintenance. Coli form organisms are a group of bacteria that are frequently found in the environment and are used to measure the safety of your water. Coli form bacteria are not harmful, but the fact that they are present tells you that other disease-causing organisms may be in your water supply. The presence of more than 5 coli form bacteria in a water sample commonly means that surface water has washed contaminants into the Well. E. Coli bacteria live in the intestines of humans and warm blooded animals. There are many different types of these bacteria. Only a few of them can make you sick. If any amount of E....
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Common Causes of Water Contamination

Before disinfecting your Well, investigate and correct possible sources of contamination such as: Surface water running into or collecting near the Well.A defective or improperly installed Well Casing, cover or pipe connection which would allow surface water, animals, insects or plant material to enter the Well. (Well casing not sealed).Nearby septic systems or manure piles, which are within 30M (100ft) of the well.Openings in the well seal.Well casing not being deep enough.A source of contamination not related to the Well Construction.
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