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Soft Water vs Hard Water

Soft Water vs Hard Water

Are you spending time trying to decide whether you need a water softener.  Here are several problems you encounter when using only hard water.


Water hardness presents some obstacles to cleaning. Hardness causing minerals react with soap to form an insoluble curd that can show up on fabrics as a white powder, make fabrics feel stiff and stick on to the inside of washing machines. The forming of the curd uses some of the soap and reduces its cleaning ability.

Personal Care & Cleaning Supplies

In a recent survey, it was concluded that 5 to 8 percent of each dollar spent is for cleaning, laundry, bathing and personal care items. This can represent over $30 per month for an average family of four. Many of these products are purchased to combat the effects of hard water. It is estimated that the average individual cleaning the home spends more than six hours per month cleaning water spots, streaks and scum alone.


Filming and spotting are the most common aggravations that hard water can cause on dishes and glassware. Most dishwashing detergents contain water softeners such as phosphates to reduce this condition. The manufactures of the detergents advise you, the harder the water the more soap you will need to use to get adequate results.

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