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How to Prevent Contamination in your Well


Well Location

Make sure the Well is located at a safe distance from any source of contamination such as septic systems, roads and barnyards.

A Dug Well should be at least 30 metres away from a septic system while a Drilled Well should be at least 15 metres away.

Land Slope

The land around a Well should slope away from the Well to prevent surface water from flowing to the Well Casing.

Do not store, use, or dispose of garbage, manure, gasoline, salt, pesticides or any other potential contaminant anywhere near the Well.

Always get rid of household hazardous wastes by way of the Region's Household Hazardous Waste Program. Remember, waste poured onto the ground can inevitably get into your water supply or your neighbor's.

Well Construction

The sanitary Well seal and cap should be securely in place and watertight. If the cap is damaged or cracked, replace it immediately.

The sanitary Well seal should be a minimum of 30 centimeters above ground level. The connection at the Well casing for pump and electrical lines should be watertight and properly sealed.

Well vent pipes should have screens to prevent anything from getting into the well.

Testing Your Water
Types of Water Contaminants

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