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We love water and its impact on our life. Through our blog we hope to educate you on the importance of safe drinking water as well as share with you fun and helpful info that will improve your quality of life.
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Dry cracking skin? ~ Eczema? ~ We can help!

Dry cracking skin? ~ Eczema? ~ We can help!

Hard water is more than an irritation. The heavy minerals carried in hard water cling to anything they touch. Hard water often leaves clothes looking discolored, and often makes plates and glasses look cloudy and streaked. Even pipes get white residue buildup from hard water over time. The solution to hard water is softening the water. Spending the money to soften the water is well worth it, because of the many benefits of soft water.

Soft water removes harmful minerals from the water. It also helps relieve dry skin and scalp because soft water removes excess soap and cells from skin pores.

Not only will your hair and skin be softer, but your clothes will be as well. Soft water prevents your clothes from losing color, so your clothes will last longer. Soft water will help remove all soap particles from the water. Cleaning your home with water that has been softened will require less elbow grease and help your floors, countertops and sinks look cleaner and streak free.

Softening your water will help save you money substantially. You will not have to replace your and your families clothes as often, because they will keep their color. You will also save money on dishwashing soap, shampoo and body soap, because you won't need to use as much.

Soft water has less particles in it, so you will find your water has a better taste. This means your tea, coffee and other drinks made with water will taste more pleasant and pure.

Hard water is exceptionally damaging to large appliances and pipes. By softening the water, you and your family will save money and repairs, because pipes will not become clogged by hard water residue. Anything that uses water is at risk when you have hard water.*  Consider investing in a Water Softener this winter .. call us to arrange an estimate today!! Your skin, appliances, and wallet would thank you ~ if they could that is :)


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