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5 Tips for Caring for your Well

5 Tips for Caring for your Well

Burlington Water-Tech recommends that you complete an inspection of your well at least once a year.  Here are Five Tips for Caring for Your Well.

TIP # 1

Keep your well head clear of brush and debris, and other obstructions.  

TIP # 2

Check your well cap for signs of cracking or damage. Have it fixed or replaced right away if there is a problem. The well cap should be firmly attached to the casing. The vent should face the ground and be properly screened to keep out insects. Only air should enter. Clean the air vent regularly to remove debris and moisture.    

TIP # 3

Look for problems with the sealant used to fill the annular space between the drilled hole and the well casing. A depression in the ground around the edge of the casing can indicate that the sealant has shrunk, collapsed, or cracked. If you can move the casing around by pushing it, that’s a bad sign. Cracking and gaps allow run-off and surface water to move down the outside of the well casing and potentially contaminate your drinking water. A faulty annular seal should be repaired.       

TIP # 4

Look for any external signs of damage, cracking, or dislocation on your well casing, for example, due to vehicle damage. If your well has been damaged, we don't advise removing the cap. Visibility is limited and you could cause contamination or further damage, especially if you have a submersible pump.

If you have a structurally sound well: drilled, dug or bored, you can remove the lid with care. Be aware of electrical wiring and debris falling into the well.

TIP # 5

Inspect the inside of the casing using a flashlight. Look for holes, evidence of animal infestations, or stains from casing joints that may indicate water leaking into the well.  Remove the lid of your well pit and look for water, debris, vermin, etc. at the bottom of the pit. Please remove the cement outer cover, not the well cap inside the pit.
Do not enter the pit or breathe the gases which may fill the pit.    
Take extra care to ensure children do not have access to the well pit. The pit should be clean and dry. If water or other material has entered the pit, your well water is at high risk of contamination. Consider upgrading or constructing a new well.
It is wise to keep all documents relating to your well, pump, pumping test, and maintenance.

Please give us a call at 905-631-3007 if you would like Burlington Water Tech to do a well inspection for you.
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