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13 Advantages to Soft Water

13 Advantages to Soft Water

Using soft water has many advantages. Here is a list of 13 we've come up with:

  1. Lower Energy Costs Water heaters work nearly 30% more efficiently when operated with soft water.
  2. Fewer Repair Bills Without exception, all water using appliances work more efficiently and require fewer repairs with soft water. Leading appliance manufacturers, such as Maytag, suggest using soft water for optimum performance of their products. Plumbing lasts longer, without the lime scale buildup caused by hard water.
  3. Spend less Money on Cleaners & Detergents Since soaps and detergents work more efficiently with soft water; you'll only need one-quarter to one-half of the suggested amount. You'll be able to obtain the same results using shorter wash cycles and cooler water.
  4. Smaller Clothing Allowance Clothes last longer and look better when washed with soft water. Studies have shown that the life of clothing and household textiles is lengthened up to 15 percent when washed in conditioned water. When detergents mix with hard water, they form lime curd deposits, which can cause the yellowing or graying of clothes. As these deposits accumulate, they contribute to fabric stiffening and matting.
  5. "Fewer Lotions & Conditioners Hard water can cause dry skin and hair because the minerals combine with the soap to form a sticky residue that's very difficult to rinse away. With soft water, this film doesn't form, so hair and skin appear smoother and healthier.
  6. Decrease soap use by 50% or more
  7. Eliminate costly repair bills due to electric systems failures
  8. Prolong the life of major appliances
  9. Enhance the efficiency of your hot water heater
  10. Eliminate streaking and residue in showers and tubs
  11. Make skin feel silky & smooth
  12. Eliminates soap build up in laundry
  13. Use less salt
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Soft Water vs Hard Water

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