SERVICE AREA: Burlington, Ontario and Surrounding Area. 

Pure drinking water at your kitchen sink!!

Our Professional Series Residential Reverse Osmosis Pure Drinking Water System works by forcing the water through a series of filter cartridges, the 4 stage being our most popular.  Each filter is called a “stage

4 Stage Filter Process

    • Stage 1 - a sediment or particulate filter to pick up any large particles,
    • Stage 2 - carbon block filter to remove odours, chlorine and taste,
    • Stage 3 - water travels through the membrane where it is then stored in the storage tank.
    • Stage 4 - carbon block filter

Facts about The Membrane 

The membrane is the brain of the reverse osmosis.  The membrane does most of the important work removing any chemicals such as arsenic, lead, pcb' s salt, pharmaceuticals, drugs, hormones, and almost anything else you could imagine from your drinking water.

More Info about Stage 4

When the water is required for use and the faucet is opened the water travels from the storage tank through the 4th stage carbon block filter just in case there are any lingering odours in the water, then the water is dispensed through the designer faucet that we will install at your kitchen sink.

Four Stage Filtration Process Ensures Clean, Refreshing Water for Your Home